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I made some new drawings. So in this blog post, I’m gonna give you a look in my dummy. Last time I showed my illustrations from lyrics. This time there’s more variation. For example ‘zentangle’ and charcoal. I hope you like them!

Oh, by the way, I don’t know what happened but I just wrote this blog in English… Why? I have absolutely no idea, but I realised it after it was finished, haha.


This is the cover of my dummy for school. I made it with fabric and a black and white marker. This dummy is actually almost full, so I’ve been very productive :).


For this drawing, I used watercolour pencils. This was the first time I used them, but I quite like it. And I wrote ‘breathe’ with a brown marker. Make sure it’s permanent, otherwise it will fade. I’m trying to experiment more with different materials, and I will definitely use watercolour pencils more.


I really like this quote ‘Stars can’t shine without darkness’. I used a lot of materials for this drawing (thin black markers for the text, markers in different colours, oil pastels and watercolour pencils).


I saw this quote on Pinterest and I thought it was really funny. Sometimes I just want to draw, but not very precisely. So then I just make something like this. Simple but fun.


Oh boy, this isn’t even finished haha. It needs more shading with pencil. It took me really long to have the outlines for the skull right. Drawing faces is hard, I need some more practice :).


And now for something completely different: Divide is out!!! Ed Sheeran was gone for one year, but now he’s back with this genius album. Divide is amazing, how it gets you from smiling to crying (yeah, two times) and both at the same time. I’m listening to it for the second time while I’m writing this blog post. (Aah, maybe that’s why I wrote it in English 😉 ).


I made these two drawings for art at school, as an experiment. I don’t draw a lot with charcoal because it is a hard material to use. But I think these aren’t that bad actually. So I’m gonna use it more. You can use charcoal in many different ways and you can be ‘free’ with it.


I love the style ‘zentangle’, it is very relaxing :). It is basically drawing with patterns. My notebooks are full of zentangle drawings haha. I can concentrate better at school when I’m drawing.


Tell me in the comments what you think of me writing English. Do you prefer Dutch or English? And I hope you liked the drawings! There are some cool blog posts coming up, for example about the concert I went to Thursday from Dan Owen! You can subscribe to my blog with your e-mail or WordPress account, and you can follow me on Twitter or Facebook (Maya Willemse) to stay updated.

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