Concert 6 | Dan Owen

The first time I saw Dan Owen, he was a support act of Birdy. I immediately fell in love with his music! I went to Birdy with my mother, and we told each other at the same time: I want to see him again! So when we saw he had a concert in Paradiso, we were very excited. The concert was amazing, so here is a blog about it.

First, me and my mother drove to Amsterdam and had dinner in one of our favourite small and nice Indonesian restaurants. Then we walked around in the city and saw there were already some people waiting in front of Paradiso. So I convinced my mother to wait in line :). It was quite cold waiting outside, but the waiting was worth it because Dan walked by and nodded at me! The venue was the small room of Paradiso. I had never been there but it was a very nice venue! As soon as the doors opened, I ‘ran’ to the room, to my surprise I stood in the front!


Dan Owen is a beginning artist who’s career is growing really fast. He didn’t always want to be a musician. He has played the guitar since he was nine years old but never thought he could become a musician. But then he had an eye accident, which ‘pushed’ him to make music his full-time job. He performed at a lot of pubs and worked his way up like that. Luckily he became the ‘Best Young Artist at the British Blues Awards’. After that, he was invited as support act of Birdy and went on tour with her in Europe. After that, he went on his own first headliner tour, which finished this week.

Dan plays blues music, writes his own music and also performs some great covers like ‘Little Red Rooster’. He plays the guitar, mouth organ and stompbox. So he’s kind of a one-man-band. His voice is amazing, raw and full of emotion. I love that he plays music with so much passion and emotion.


The concert was absolutely amazing. The public was singing along with some songs, but it was also very emotional. During ‘Made To Love You’ and ‘Moonlight’, Dan cried and I did too.

After the concert, Dan even took the time to have a chat with his public. I bought his new EP ‘Open Hands and Enemies’ and a bracelet (which I’m wearing almost every day!!). I got a signature and picture. But I also had the honour to talk to him for a bit. He’s nice! He really takes the time to talk to everybody and is really sweet. I told him I make music, write my own songs and play in pubs, and then he asked me to send one of my songs to him! What?! So later I sent him my-first-song-I-wrote (H.O.P.E.), and he reacted sweet! He said it was really cool and I should definitely keep on playing. Aaaaah, so cool and very sweet!


This is the setlist of the concert. I actually wanted to ask Dan at the end of the concert if I could get it, but I’m shy so I said it very soft haha. So someone else got it and also got a guitar pick. Haha, I just have to be less shy :).


I was so close to the stage it was hard to get good pictures. I always like enjoying the concert more than focussing on my phone. Sometimes people film almost the whole concert and look at their phone. I don’t get it, then you could also just watch a concert on YouTube. But I didn’t saw that this concert though, I guess Dan has good public ;).

This is the official video of Made To Love You, which is about abusive relationships. His friend was in one and told Dan about it one night in a pub. When Dan came home he wrote this song. It’s full of emotion, really beautiful. I saw on his Facebook page that a new video of another song is coming soon, jee!

Please check out Dan Owen cause he’s an amazing artist and he deserves to become even more known. I hope to see him again some day!

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