Concert 8 | David Gray

I’ve listened to David Gray since I was… I think 4 years old? Because I’ve grown up with his music, it means a lot to me (and also to my brother and father). So it was very special to see and hear David Gray live! Read about it in this blog post.


First of all, what a beautiful venue is Carré! I had never been there, so I was very surprised. It is very chic and beautiful. It is built in 1887 and was originally meant as a circus building.


This is the setlist, photo from the Facebook page of David Gray.

The first part of the evening he played songs from different albums, and after the break, he played his biggest hits. He has played almost 2 hours and 20 minutes!


David Gray a British singer, guitarist and pianist. In 1993 his first album ‘A Century Ends’ was published. 6 years later the album ‘White Ladder’ came out, which was his breakthrough. In 2016 he released an album with all of his biggest hits ‘The Best of David Gray’.


It was ‘A Solo Acoustic Evening With David Gray’, which means David performed without a band. He played the piano and the guitar. To my surprise, he used a loop station! Just like Ed Sheeran. That was really cool! It wasn’t a flawless gig, he forgot some lyrics and sometimes his voice wasn’t ‘working’ ;). But he handled it very well, the flaws made it more personal and special.


Photo from the Facebook page of David Gray.

It was also very nice that David talked spontanious to the audience, like we were friends. I always like it when artists do that, because it gives an intimate feeling. He told one long story about how the idea of a song started, which was very funny.

This is one of the hits of David Gray, and one of my favourite songs. I also made a drawing about it (it isn’t finished yet).


Again, I find it hard to describe how this evening was. Because it was very special to me personal.

Do you know David Gray? Please check him out! if you like his music, you have a lot of albums to listen to! 😉

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